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From Annecy to Paris through Canada, England, Portugal, Belgium... for 2 years I have been offering you lives both on the internet or you could find me in the metro, at the famous locations over the world or from home. This allowed me to make myself recognizable while raising funds to record my next music album.

After my first concert at the large Parisian hall at the Théâtre des Mathurins this year, I had the chance to meet Rodolphe Polin. This artistic director, formerly from Universal Music, really liked my project and found the number of people supporting me on the social media and coming to my street performances impressive.


I already have two albums created and recorded in my room thanks to my sound engineering studies and dozens of songs in my drawers. But he found it interesting to self-produce my very first pro album with his help and the support of my community. I will thus be able to remain in control of my project while signing now with a major record company could block me later.

The project of an album in the professional circuit being expensive, the donations that I have already received will be used to start the project. To fully finance it, we will use ULULE crowdfunding (or participative financing). It means financing which aims to raise funds fixed from the start, in a certain time to carry out a project. This sum must be reached, otherwise each sponsor will receive the contribution amount back and the ULULE crowdfunding will be cancelled.

The amount fixed will be the minimum sum to guarantee the realization of the project. The more it will be exceeded, the more songs we will be able to record for the album and make music videos.


Depending on the contribution chosen, you will have access to different prizes, ranging from the simple pre-order of the album, to a private concert at home!

You will be able to buy vouchers on ULULE that can be used in the “My creations” section.

Indeed, I spent the whole summer inventing a range of products so that you could support me, by creating the “ROMAN ROSES” brand. It offers a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, mugs... all with AN image of the Rose 🌹


All ROMAN ROSES creations ordered before November 20 will be delivered before Christmas.

If you pre-ordered the album, you'll receive it when it's scheduled for release in April 2023.


I thank all those who have supported me since the beginning of my career and all those joining us now on the way to the fulfillment of my dream ♥️

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to learn more

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My name is Roman Roses, I am 30 years old and I was born in Annecy. I sing, I am a musician and A SONGWRITER.


At 1 year old, my mom put me in the baby's high chair and put me in front of the family piano. I spent hours tapping on it and making my first vocals.


In primary school, I pursued my ambitions as a singer to entertain my friends, by giving mini improvised concerts a capella while climbing on the tables of the canteen.


In college I learned piano & guitar, then I joined the conservatory in singing, a modern music department. Being lucky enough to have a "good ear" I learned very quickly to play these instruments and also the drums, the bass and even the ukulele! You will see how passionate I am about music and I think I was born for it!


After playing in bars, at events and private parties for 5 years, I saved some money to buy recording equipment. I was interested in the sound professions and I created my first company at the age of 20: a recording studio to record my songs and also the young talents of my region.

In 2012 after opening for Michael Jones, I entered a competition to get into the best sound engineering school in Paris. This is how I started my Parisian life and I also created my first music album "Reine des Roses" 2 years later in self-production.


Just graduated and unable to find work in my field, I successfully passed the casting to officially integrate the musicians of the Paris metro. I sang my songs & covers there and very quickly got spotted by M6 to join the TV show Nouvelle Star in 2017 where I WOULD become a finalist.


My second album "Reine des Étoiles" was released in 2019, which allowed me to offer it in the Parisian metro as well as at my concerts.


I played on the streets of several countries and capitals of the world such as Canada, the USA, Portugal or Belgium to make myself recognizable. During Covid and the lockdown, I decided to perform on the internet from home and that's how I gained over 200k subscribers and 75 million views on the social media in 2 years.

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roman roses - tour eiffel - praris - chanteur - paris

I’ve built a solid reputation on the internet by being one of the first street artists to offer online concerts from unusual LOCATIONS. first of all in Paris in front of the Louvre, Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, at the top of the Tower Montparnasse. Then in Brussels at the very top of the Atomium, at the King Baudouin stadium in the footsteps of Stromae and even at the Town Hall in the presence of Mayor Philippe Close. I`VE PERFORMED IN Portugal FROM a TukTuk down the LISBON streets. LIVES in Canada took place in Quebec in front of the Montmorency Falls or at the viewpoint of Mount Royal which overlooks the city of Montreal.


The “busking” (a term meaning a street musician) more or less authorized depending on the city, I am often the target of arrests by the police. The lives interrupted by the police often created the buzz and made me even more popular!


Since the beginning of my lives, I have opened a participative cagnotte (a platform for donations) where my followers could place the contributions to support my artistic life and finance my next album.


On May 1, 2022, I produced my first show in a Parisian hall at the Théâtre des Mathurins. Thanks to famous TV & radio musicians such as Amir's guitarist Hugo Marcus, Yoann Razanatsimba & Rasheed Guissous, I was lucky to rearrange my songs with the pros... and that have changed everything! The public was conquered, it's a new level!


Before summer I met Rodolphe Polin, formerly artistic director of BMG Production for 5 years and of Universal Music for more than 10 years. I was able to talk to him, explain my current situation and my project for the next album. Following our discussions, the perspective of an album in the reality of the professional world took shape.


Indeed, even if in the past I directed and produced MY two MUSIC albums, these remained at the “amateur” stage. As explained above, I wrote, composed, played, recorded, mixed and produced all of these two albums and that's a lot!


As I observed during my experience at the Théâtre des Mathurins with professional musicians, the performance of each of them in their specialty gave me a lot and took me to a new dimension.


Creating a professional album gives more visibility and opens the doors to the media world (Radio, TV, etc.) and will bring me recognition from the professional world.



roman roses concert paris.jpg

To coordinate all the KEY PARTICIPANTS in a project, the presence of a good artistic director is essential. It is him who knows and CONNECTS all the people NEEDED for the realization of the CD.


We WILL START WITH choosING PRODUCERS:  after my PART OF of writing and composition, they will propose arrangements and have the musicians record their respective parts. All this to create color and consistency across all recorded titles. This step will reveal the full potential and power of the MUSIC!


The recording of the CD will take place at ICP studios in Belgium. They have the best microphones, mixer and recording equipment. It is an essential place in Europe, which has seen all the greatest artists parade!

ON October 17 I WILL RECORED THE first “test” title with the PRODUCERS to determine the direction to take for the project.


After having carefully selected the songs for the album, we will perform as much music as possible in a studio in Paris to REDUCE THE costs. For the final stage, we will return to the ICP studios in Brussels to record my voice and the instruments necessary for good acoustics.


Once all the songs are recorded, they will be mixed and mastered. This last step is one of the most important – it NEEDS having a good musicality and keeping a coherent sound on the whole disc.


the number of songs in the album will depend on the funds raised during the financing. As explained at the beginning, we have put a lower level on the cost of the album to secure its financing as much as possible. It is the same for the mixing, mastering and the musicians, if we EXCEED the levels the PRODUCERS will be able to ATTRACT MORE specialists.

How much does a professional  album cost?

for example, everyone knows how much a bicycle costs. From €200 to €2,000 for the most experienced among us, but in the professional field? A bike for a Tour de France rider costs an average of €20,000!

€20,000 for a bike, YOU WILL ANSWER? Yes because we are in the world of pros!


IT'S THE SAME FOR THE MUSICAL WORLD. I'm sure that Mickael Jackson album recorded on a simple phone would have sold millions of copies, but to get there, he had to MAKE history and GO THROUGH the professional circuit.


For the stars you hear on the radio, their album production is approaching €120,000 and ONE “single” track can be worth €20,000!


My first two albums made in my room cost just under €10,000 for the first released in 2014 (Reine des Roses) and around €20,000 for the second and its re-release in 2019; 2022 (Reine des Étoiles) .


We therefore established a detailed budget with the artistic director, for the production of a first pro album for 11 tracks:


  • The artistic director

  • The producers

  • The musicians (drummer and string orchestra)

  • The studio

  • The mix

  • Mastering

  • Transportation; accommodation


For all of these services, it is necessary to COLLECT 39,000€.


After MAKING the record, you have to FINALISE and promote it. That's why we anticipated this budget.


January to March I will be followed by:


  • an agent

  • a press officer



This will ensure promoting the album on TV, in the newspapers as well as on the radio to make myself RECOGNISABLE.


For this 3-month stage, the budget OF €20,000 has been estimated.


If A miracle HAPPENS AND crowdfunding exceeds all the necessary bearings to the production and promotion of the album, we can even shoot one or more MUSIC VIDEOS!

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roman roses - guitare - paris - 15

In a world where record labels are more and more reluctant IN THEIR WILL to sign artists or often leave them aside afterwards, we made the choice to MAKE this album in self-production with my newly created label “La Rose Production”.   The distribution will be entrusted to a subsidiary of Universal.


This will allow to control my music, to take my own decisions and keep 70% of my rights. The remaining 30% is therefore reserved for distribution.

In record companies, artists generally do not own more than 7% to 10% of their rights, and are UNSURE to see their project emerge.


With thousands of FOLLOWERS, millions of views and over seventy songs just waiting to be released, I will finally make my dream come true thanks to you!


Funding will be insured as follows:


  • My own funds

  • Donations received for more than a year on my lives

  • Future donations made on ULULE crowdfunding

  • Pre-orders of my future pro album!

  • Profits made from the sales of “my creations” of the ROMAN ROSES brand

  • Subscriptions to Facebook Studio Lives

For 2 years, I'VE SHARED WITH you more than 850 hours of music through 380 lives! During these months, you had the possibility to participate or not, freely, IN a CAGNOTTE FOR DONATIONS to help me make this album and support my artistic life. and I AM REALLY GRATEFUL TO you.


Desiring to promote fairly those who have supported ME by making donations and ALSO TO stabilize my OWN professional situation, lives that I propose at home will now be available as A subscription. Thus, you will never miss any lives again FOR THE REASON Facebook didN'T send you a notification.
You will access 
exclusive live in studio quality and a priority messaging to be informed in advance. This way, you will be able to communicate with me and between members in a privileged way 😍



After seeing the most beautiful homemade Roman Roses t-shirts by my fans, all summer I'VE BEEN WORKING ON a line of products So that you COULD support me IN A FASHION WAY, FOR BOTH summer and winter. AT THE SECTION "My creations" YOU WILL FIND a range from T-shirts to hats, mugs and bags with the IMAGE of the Rose!


I didn't want to take low-end products with prints that fade after the first wash. This is why my entire selection is based on items made in France or in Europe with a good quality finish. The high price of the creations is explained by their quality and especially by the fact that I produce in limited quantities. The MORE the number of orders IS, the more the cost of production will be reduced and therefore the profits made for the project will increase.


In reality, the stores whose brands you know all offer attractive prices because they manufacture in huge quantities and especially in Asia under CHALLENGING conditions.


By placing an order, YOU WILL MOVE ME ONE STEP CLOSER TO the realization of my dream, AND I'M SO GRATEFUL!


In order to put all the chances on our side, it will be IMPORTANT to share and make my dream travel beyond the horizons.


The holidays are approaching, so what could be better than a gift under the tree and a second to receive in April?


you'VE REACHED the end of this ROMANCE... Roses!

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